Durham Cathedral 2023
BBCIlluminated Earth artwork draws 140,000 visitors 

NY Times view
Guardian view
BBC National News
Sydney Morning Herald 
ITV National News 
Sky News view
CBC view
Daily Record view

UK Capital of Culture 2021
BBC Gaia- Earth artwork at UK Capital of Culture  read

London 2020
Financial Times read
Daily Telegraph Photo of the Day
The Times Photo of the Day
The Times read
Ian Visits read
The Glossary read

Hong Kong 2019
Time Out read
HKCD read
Yahoo watch
HKET read
Ezone read

Blackpool 2019
Daily Telegraph: read 
The Guardian: read
BBC Week in pictures: read
The Times: read

Bristol 2019
BBC news watch

Liverpool 2019
Daily Telegraph Photo of the Day.

Peterborough 2019
Daily Mail read
Daily Telegraph read

Belfast 2019
Irish Examiner read

London 2018
The Metro – Natural History Museum read

Falkirk, Scotland 2018
The Daily Telegraph – Photo of the Day read
The Herald read
The Courier read

BlueDot Festival 2018
BBC News read


Contact Luke Jerram for high res images. 


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